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Policies, Terms & Conditions

All our policies and t&cs in one handy place.

Three Free Sessions

T&Cs for our 25th Jubilee Promotion


As part of the upcoming twenty fifth anniversary celebrations the Len Tyler Music School is offering three free music lessons to any child new to the school. The following terms and conditions apply:

1. There is the requirement to fill in and submit a registration form for administrative and insurance purposes. This must be done before the start of the first session.

2. Children new to the Len Tyler Music School only

3. Subject to vacancies 

4. Sessions must be booked in advance
5. Sessions to be taken consecutively in the same class, unless by prior arrangement.

For any queries, please contact the office - tel 01276 504 666 or email us


Parent Recommendation Reward Scheme

We reward loyalty - recommend a friend and get £15 off next term's fees!


If a child joins as the result of a recommendation then the person recommending will be given a £15 deduction off the following term’s fees. The following terms and conditions apply:


The Recommender is the person who has recommended a friend
The Recommendee is the friend who has been recommended
1. The new child joining must declare the name of the Recommender at the time of initially
contacting the office. Recommendation rewards in retrospect are not accepted.
2. The recommender receives a £15 discount from the following term’s fees provided the
recommendee pays for a minimum of 6 classes. (This can be over 2 terms if the number of
paid classes remaining in the current term is less than 6)
3. If there are multiple Recommenders for 1 friend then the £15 will be equally split
4. Self-recommending for siblings is not permitted.
5. The £15 discount is not transferrable to another pupil.
6. The £15 discount is not available as a cash option.
7. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer except “three free lessons for children
new to the Len Tyler Music School”


Terms & Conditions for Children attending the Music School

T&Cs for every child in the Len Tyler Music School

updated 02/01/2020


1. We commit to your child from their first lesson with us for as long as they continue to benefit from lessons (at least to upper primary).With this in mind your child’s place is confirmed and reserved in the same class for the rest of this academic year. Unless we hear from you to the contrary in advance, we will assume you require the place for the whole academic year.If you need to stop for any reason, please note that we require six weeks’ advance notice in term-time in writing.


2. If you do not return from one term to the next (i.e. after the Christmas or Easter holidays) and do not adhere to the notice period set out in Paragraph 1, you will be required to pay for the first six (6) lessons of that term as your child’s place will be reserved for these six weeks.


3. Completed registration form is required before attending the first class for insurance and administrative purposes.Please remember to sign the form as this shows your compliance with our Terms and Conditions. Please, either send a hard copy of the registration form to our office address (on the form) or return the registration form by email with a covering email.  Your email is accepted in lieu of a hard copy signature and shows your compliance with our terms and conditions.


4. Payments are accepted by bank transfer, cheque or cash.We are unable to accept payment by card.


5. The Music School will be using moving and still photography and sound recordings during lessons for teacher training, promotional, and other use including website and social media.By applying for a place you are giving your agreement. .


6. Once enrolled into the Music School, fees are payable termly in advance before or at the first class of each term.All fees received by the end of the first week of term can be paid at the discounted rate for prompt payers.Any fees received after this date will be at the higher rate to cover our additional costs.If you have any problems with payment, please speak to the Office.There are inevitably ways in which we can help.

7. We try to avoid making refunds for occasional missed classes as this would increase the cost of classes for everyone.If you know that you are going to miss three or more classes in a term, please speak to us in advance as we may be able to come to some kind of arrangement.

8. We do not normally offer the option to attend a different class if you are unable to make your usual class that week as this can be unsettling for all concerned.

9. GDPR - By applying for a place in the Music School you are giving permission for us collect and store relevant information on your child and to contact you by email/phone or any other reasonable means.

10. When applying for a place in a class in the 5-6 years and above age group £15 will be added to the fees (if a deposit of £15 has not already been paid). This £15 should be deducted in the following Summer term fees.

GDPR Policy

This document lays out the policy for the collection, storage and use of personal data.

Updated 9 May 2018


  1. What information is being collected? – General contact details, date of birth (under 18s only) and appropriate details of any individual that are directly relevant to the provision of music classes for both children and adults including any educational or special needs requirements.  Details and general background information on staff including DBS checks.

  2. Who is collecting the information? - Information is collected by the LTMS office staff and teaching staff.

  3. How is information collected? - Information is collected direct from individuals or parents/guardians in the form of emails, phone calls, registration forms, conversations with staff and other basic methods of communication.

  4. Why is information collected? – Information is collected to enable ongoing contact and to assist and support the business of delivering music classes and associated activities.

  5. How is the information to be used? – Information is used in the day to day running of LTMS, to organise classes, to keep parents/guardians and other adults informed of LTMS activities and events.

  6. Who will this information be shared with? – We don’t share information with any organisation outside LTMS unless specifically requested to do so.

  7. If I have any questions or want to know what information is being held who can I ask? – the Data Protection Office is Teresa Pytches who can be contacted in the office on 01276 504666 or by email.


September 2019 registration forms in pdf and Word - download & either fill out, print and return to us, or fill in electronically and return by email.

Children's Charter

Read all about our commitment to your child.

Payment Details

Payment details for all 2018/2019 classes in one place (2019/2020 coming soon)

Registration Guidelines 

Guidelines for registering and re-registering with the Len Tyler Music School for September 2019 and onwards