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Meet the Team

Headed up by founder & principal Len  we're a team of five dedicated and passionate teachers. Follow the links on our photos to find out why we love what we do!

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Frances Philpot


Throughout her life, Frances has always been actively involved in music. Since starting to play the recorder, piano and violin as a youngster, as well as singing in the church choir, she has constantly been a member of at least one choir or orchestra, performing in concerts being a regular feature in her life. She has played viola in Woking Symphony Orchestra since 2002, particularly enjoying the annual children’s concert each January. She thoroughly enjoys opportunities for  occasional ad hoc string quartetting.

Her musical hobby has proved to have a huge overlap with her career as a primary school teacher, as Frances has been put in charge of music at each school she has worked in, putting on shows, running choirs and mixed bands at every opportunity, from Cheshire to Essex, Ecuador and back to Surrey! Sharing and inspiring a love of music has been of paramount importance throughout her teaching career of over 25 years. The search for a top quality introduction to music led Frances to take her pre-school daughter to the Len Tyler Music School, which in turn has led to a growing interest in the Kodaly approach.

Frances now combines teaching primary class music with teaching piano and pre-school music, the ideal combination for keeping her on her musical toes! 

Karen van Lokven


Karen's musical life began at the age of 8 when she was inspired to take up the clarinet after watching BBC Young Musician of the Year, Emma Johnson. She passed her grade 8 clarinet with merit at the age of 15, whilst also studying piano and classical guitar. Karen chose to major in clarinet solo and ensemble performance as part of her Music and English degree at Southampton University, graduating with a 2.1 in 1997. She pursued an interest in special needs education and then in 2004 she set up a private practice teaching clarinet, saxophone and piano. Since then Karen has worked in several private schools and now works for Surrey Arts in Waverley. Karen first met Len in 2004 when she joined the Rushmoor Concert Band which Len was then conducting. She was intrigued by the vocal warm ups which Len insisted on starting rehearsals with and increasingly fascinated by the Kodály approach to music. Karen is convinced that the Kodály approach practised by Len is the way forward. Her own children have been attending the school since 2011, with her daughter attending from 6 weeks. She has trained with the British Kodály Academy, Colourstrings International and other organisations.

Len Tyler, psm CSAK LTCL(Mus Ed) CKME

Founder & Principal

Len founded the Len Tyler Music School in 1994 following a very successful twenty seven year career in military music.  As a musician and director of music he travelled extensively and took part in many state ceremonial occasions at national and international level.  On leaving the military in he retrained as a Kodály musicianship trainer qualifying with Colourstrings International, the British Kodály Academy, and Trinity College of Music in London. He is now best know for his work with early childhood and primary music education, although he does apply the Kodály approach to other areas of his work including instrumental teaching and working with bands and ensembles.  As a result of his extensive studies while in the military, he is able to play over 20 different instruments, including all brass and woodwind and most stringed instruments.


In addition to running the Len Tyler Music School Len is in demand to provide teacher training both in the UK and abroad, delivering training to teachers in Kenya, Uganda and more recently Malta.  The reputation of the Len Tyler Music School is such that it has attracted teachers to visit from as far afield as Birmingham, Corby, and Kelso (Scotland), Oerlinghausen (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland) and even Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) as well as by teachers closer to home.


Len lives near Camberley with his wife Rose and their two dogs.  His two grown up daughters are regular and welcome visitors.  He also devotes time to "Da Capo Winds", a community concert band which he conducts as well as being an active member of two further wind bands and a brass quintet (5 Ts Brass). A number of ex pupils from the Len Tyler Music School have found their way into Da Capo Winds.


Nadja Flowerdew

Teacher & Administrator

Nadja's love for music became apparent at an early age - as a toddler, she used to sing more than she talked! Similarly, her first experience of being a teacher came early when at the age of ten she began to mentor her exceptionally talented younger brother, who began to play the piano by ear when he was three. He is now a sound designer and composer!


Nadja enjoys playing a number of instruments (piano, accordion and violin) and as a high schooler used to give piano lessons to earn some extra pocket money. However, a nagging sense that there was a deeper understanding of music that was eluding her prevented her from considering teaching music as a career option. Coming to the music school with her oldest in 2012 was a revelation in that she immediately saw the genius behind the Kodály method, the logical way in which music is taught so that children are able to understand music at a very deep level.


She went on to train as a Kodály teacher, joining the team in 2017. Combining her love for music with her other great passion - supporting young families - Nadja has taken charge of the Music School's marketing, creating a new leaflet, website and working on other outreach projects in order to communicate the myriad benefits of teaching music following the Kodály appproach.

At the end of October 2019, Nadja took over as administrator of the music school from Teresa.


Natasha Lanceman


Brought up in Kemerovo in her native Russia, Natasha has always had a deep love and passion of music.  In 1998 she qualified as a piano teacher at Kemerovo Regional College of Music in the south western region of Siberia in Russia and then two years at Music Academy as a professional singer.  Although her career path didn’t follow music initially her passion for music and children resulted in her becoming a teacher within the Len Tyler Music School in 2014 where she now running a number of classes across many age groups.


Natasha has trained in the Kodàly approach to music education in both classroom and instrumental settings with Len Tyler, Nikhil Dally and Elza & Chris Lusher amongst others.  Her passion for music is evident in her pupils.

Rachel Alderman


Rachel comes from a musical family where music was present all the time, listening, singing and playing. She loved to sing songs in harmony in the back of the car with her siblings, started learning the piano at 7 and the clarinet later on. She loves to sing in choirs and has sung in lots of different ensembles and chamber groups including the London Philharmonic choir, currently singing with the Farrant Singers in Salisbury where she lives. (Yes she comes that far every week it’s that good!)

Rachel had come across Kodàly methodology at music A level (is that what helped her get an A grade?) and continued her interest through her music degree and teacher training. So, when she joined the music school with her new baby in 2012 she was really excited, and took the opportunity to complete the BKA musicianship training with Len Tyler. 

Rachel also has a special interest in SEN and leads the SEN group. Her motto is, Love to Sing, Sing to Love!